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About Us

We believe in sustainability and technology.

We empower restaurants and food service businesses with the power of analytics to track and monitor food waste with the goal of reducing wasteful output and landfill disposal. By implementing new waste management solutions, restaurants and food service businesses can have a better understanding of their waste, uncover cost savings, and support sustainability initiatives.

Our story, our values.

MintScraps started from humble beginnings at NYC's BigApps 2013 competition. As one of the winners, we had the opportunity to partner with Mayor Bloomberg's office to help power NYC's Food Waste Challenge. Since then, we've been able to combine our passion and experience in sustainability, technology and business to fuel the company's growth to where we are today.

Restaurants and other food service businesses should be given the tools to easily and seamlessly monitor and reduce their food waste. Doing so is a double bottom line that helps cut their food costs and helps them become good stewards of the environment.

Leadership Team

Tony Vu
Founder, CEO


Todd Enany
Cheesecake Factory
Specialties: Restaurants & Metrics
Jacques Chirazi
City of San Diego
Specialties: Cleantech & Cities
Lane Jost
Specialties: Strategy & Impact