Measure your restaurants' waste
and maximize profit

MintScraps is an online platform that empowers restaurants
to track and reduce their waste.

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Understand your waste. Drive down costs. Uncover savings.

With MintScraps, you can monitor & reduce waste without wasting your time.

Identify & examine wasteful restaurants

Real-time charts and graphs enables restaurant owners and GMs to identify opportunities to reduce waste.

Understand your waste footprint, identify potential cost savings and make smarter decisions.

Insightful waste analytics

Actively monitor for inefficiencies and waste generation patterns to help streamline operations and reduce expenses.

Understand the true costs associated with waste disposal and the potential cost savings from composting and recycling.

Automated reporting & competition

Automated email reports enable restaurant owners and GMs to benchmark themselves against others and identify opportunities to reduce waste.

Inspire healthy competition among your employees and motivate them to compete for top recognition awards in weekly companywide emails.

Foster company culture & engagement

Cultivate a composting and recycling culture with incentives and achievement awards. Inspire your employees to champion the sustainability causes of your brand.

Increase engagement and awareness in sustainable waste management practices to improve cost savings and raise employee morale.

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